Day 4

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Still on this crazy drive. Tennessee to Minnesota in a day. We are on hour 21 of this drive.

Kentucky sucks. Illinois sucks. Wisconsin just has cheese. And who knows what Minnesota has in store for us.

The northwest has some awesome waterparks. I wish I lived up here.

Only on the road for 4 days and I already miss people. Well one person I’ve been missing longer than that. But that’s another story for another day.

Pictures to come soon. I’ve just been blogging from my phone for the past few days.

This van has become my new home and these 5 dudes have been and always will be my brothers.

Tunes that have been fueling me on this tour so far: Title Fight, Shai Hulud, Stretch Arm Strong, Transit, Bangarang.

If there is something I should be checking out, tell me.

As always, text me.

FTW! TreyEdge.



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So here I am again. A long time since I last wrote. A lot has changed. Life is crazy and I don’t always know what to make of it.

My mind has been racing non-stop. Searching for something to have faith in. Something to believe in. Searching searching searching. And still nothing.

Humanity tells me to believe in humanity. But let’s be honest. Man is at his darkest. I don’t see a light ahead. I still just see nothingness.

This may not make any sense to the reader. But trust me. It makes no sense to me either.

I never thought my thoughts could be this dangerous. Where is this going? I have no idea.

But I will have alot of time here soon to think. On the road with Divide The Sea. Tour started today. 2 weeks. Out to the Midwest and back. Long long long drives. I need to get my head straight.

Sorry for this ramble. I effing love you guys.

Never lose heart!

Pictures and shit from the road to come soon.